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Rhythm Future Quartet

Nocturne is thrilled to present New England's premier Gypsy Jazz ensemble, the Rhythm Future Quartet, in this very special one-time performance. The group has a straightforward agenda: keep the spirit of jazz manouche alive and expanding. Their virtuosity offers up a newly-minted sound, influenced by the Hot Club of France yet wholly contemporary, performing dynamic, lyrical arrangements of standards and original compositions drawing upon diverse international rhythms and musical idioms. 

Led by violinist Jason Anick, the quartet performs dynamic and lyrical arrangements of both Gypsy jazz standards and original compositions that draw upon diverse international rhythms and musical idioms. With Max O’Rourke, Henry Acker, and Greg Loughman rounding out the quartet, Rhythm Future Quartet is dedicated to expanding the boundaries of a vital musical genre.

Rhythm Future Quartet

Wednesday Show Times:

Set One: 6:30 - 7:45pm   |   Set Two: 8:45 - 10:00pm

Reservation Information:

Main level and mezzanine tables are reserved for Dinner and a Show Reservations and include our seasonal three course menu and the cost of music

 Dinner and a Show Button 240

Reserved Bar Seats are $22 per guest and include music. Bar seat guests can order from our entire dinner menu as well as our wine & craft cocktail list.

Bar Reservation Button 240.

Important Notes:

- We set aside four to six walk-in bar seats per set. Walk-in guests will have a music charge of $22 per person applied to their check on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

- We respectfully request that guests limit their visits to one set only at this time


The Late Set: Gypsy Jazz Duo: Aaron Walker / Sarah Burger

Aaron Walker’s love of music was first proven at age 6, when he saved his one dollar per week allowance long enough to purchase an electric keyboard.  At age 7, his mother found him in tears when his boom box “ate” his favorite Michael Jackson cassette tape.  This was also the year that Aaron discovered his lifelong love: guitar. Since his first gig at a coffee shop at age 13, Aaron’s music career has taken him to nationwide festivals in the U.S. and international performances in Costa Rica, Iceland, and Germany; and televised performances for the Food Network, PBS, and The Everyday Show. In 2013, Aaron was a featured guest on the Icelandic version of Prairie Home Companion. While having earned two Bachelors and one Masters degree in music, Aaron considers his practical education to have come from performing with international heroes, including Joscho Stephan, Gonzalo Bergara, Bjorn Thoroddsen, Robin Nolan, Denis Chang, Richard Smith, Greg Koch, Dave Beegle, Jason Anick, Ben Powell and Olli Soikkeli. Aaron's only formal studies in gypsy jazz came under the remote tutelage of Gonzalo Bergara, who currently serves as his primary artistic influence. Aaron formed Swing Je T’aime, a popular band based in Denver which has appeared throughout the U.S. and in Europe. His latest album “Aaron Walker – Menagerie” (2014) and "Bounce (2018) feature an impressive compilation of artists in the US, Europe, and Asia.   Aaron also enjoys composing music for live performances, audio recordings, and films, including a feature-length score for the Regional Emmy-nominated sports documentary, Dream Season (2012).

Gypsy jazz guitarist and vocalist, Sarah Burger, has been honing her craft with all the top players around Denver for the past five years.  One of the few women guitarists of gypsy jazz, the stay-at-home-mom of two energetic little boys has stolen moments of practicing throughout the day and performing with some of Denver's best gypsy jazz musicians at night.