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Friday, July 23, 2021
All Day
Daryl Gott - Alto Sax, Taylor Clay - Tenor Sax

Alex Heffron - Guitar, Tony Golden - Bass, Mike Marlier - Drums

Connecting Flights
is a new project from Guitarist Alex Heffron and was born from an impromptu performance, and had such incredible chemistry that it inspired the composition of a fresh set of music from Alex. Weaving in and out of melodies and harmonies effortlessly, saxophonists Daryl Gott and Taylor Clay have created is a sound not to be missed and this sonic space serves as the primary focus of the writing. The rhythm section with Gabe Rupe on Bass, Braxton Kahn on Drums, and Alex Heffron on Guitar, is a time tested trio, having backed up numerous singers and instrumentalists for years. This trio creates a solid foundation for the music, and keeps driving rhythm, as well as beautiful textures, and thrilling solos. Combining these elements led to the band now known as Connecting Flights.

Important Notes and Reservation Information:

- Floor seats are only available for Dinner and a Show Reservations (Music is included with all 'Dinner and a Show' reservations)

- For bar and walk-in guests, a music fee of $25 per guest applies to this show

To accommodate high demand and help our staff maintain a properly sanitized premises, we respectfully request that guests limit their visit to one set only at this time.

Friday Show Times:   Set One: 6:30-7:45pm   |   Set Two: 9:00-10:30pm