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Live Jazz Denver, Eric Gunnison, Mike Marlier Jazz
Saturday, July 09, 2022
All Day

Built upon the trust, camaraderie and love that can form between longtime bandmates, this trio produces a sound that is edgy, intriguing, rhythmically complex and always compelling. Over the course of nearly two decades, these three Denver jazz icons have played countless shows together in a myriad of different scenarios. Through these experiences they have developed a deep connection and birthed a unique musical language between them that they are excited to share once again with the Nocturne audience. The Mayhem Trio will feature a range of works from modern standards to group originals as well as works from the iconic Chick Corea.

Mike Marlier: Drums      Bijoux Barbosa: Bass      Eric Gunnison: Piano    

Important Notes and Reservation Information:

- Floor seats are only available for Dinner and a Show Reservations (Music is included with all 'Dinner and a Show' reservations)

- For bar and walk-in guests, a music fee of $19 per guest applies to this show

To accommodate high demand and help our staff maintain a properly sanitized premises, we respectfully request that guests limit their visit to one set only at this time.

Sunday Show Times:   Set One: 6:30-7:45pm   |   Set Two: 8:45-10:00pm